A Tour Through the Closed Cannabis Chain of Software Support Nederland

SNL supports the cannabis entrepreneur with specialized and seamlessly integrated software systems, each tailormade for the cannabis sector.

Software Support Nederland has been the manufacturer and supplier of SNL Kassa dating back to 2010. SNL Kassa is a highly sophisticated cash register- and inventory control system for the Dutch cannabis store. Software Support Nederland has been able to enhance the scope and efficacy of the service package through cooperating with clients.

The main focus has invariably been on registration and reporting of purchase and sale of cannabis. This has been realized through optimizing the user friendly store administration tool, SNL Admin. Registration and reporting with a direct connection to SNL Kassa locations. Safeguarding the safety/ integrity of your data.

Let our software work for you.

Software Support Nederland is dedicated to developing highly intuitive cannabis retail targeted software systems. Our efforts enables you with a literal “snap of your fingers” to manage purchase, sales and  stock in an  “anytime/anyplace” situation.

Bring your cannabis enterprise to the next level and make sophisticated software work for you!

We guarantee the quality of  our products and services we deliver. We stand for a stable and optimal  workflow.


Besides being user friendly the entire SNL package of products and services comply with current law and legislation. Elaboration on stock, sales and revenues is crucial so that relevant requirements by institutions such as the tax authorities can be met with the correct procedures and confidence.

The Software Support Nederland SNL products line is an excellent set of seamlessly integrated tools that you in your efforts to build an organized and efficient business.

Software Support Nederland, SNL

reliable and discrete.

Every enterprise has a specific set of demands, a distinctive way of working and is founded on an original identity, acknowledging and working with that fact is our basis.

In the market of tolerated cannabis products factor trust is essential. Software Support Nederland stands for a transparent, personal, on equal terms approach and has gained the trust of its clients such as HUNTERS and THE STUD in Amsterdam, to REYKJAVIK and DE VLIEGENDE HOLLANDER in Groningen.  Sliders below show the implementations of some of our products.