What Software Support Nederland can offer you.

Software Support Nederland, formerly known as Software Support Amsterdam, has been the manufacturer and supplier of SNL Kassa dating back to 2010, with a state-of-the-art register and stock control system for the Dutch cannabis store.

After the initial successful launch of SNL Kassa, Software Support Nederland has been able to enhance the scope and efficiency of the service package. The main focus has invariably been on the purchase and sale of cannabis. This has been realized through optimizing the user friendly program for the administration, registration and documentation with a direct connection to point-of-sale systems.

SNL Online offers unique features. This gives you, as a cannabis entrepreneur, full and real time overview and control with regard to the store activities on a product level, the revenue stream and the stock, which is directly linked to purchase through the SNL X software.  SNL X can be used on  smartphone, tablet or desktop.


The key to our solutions; complete overview of your revenues, work shifts and stock. Efficient and safe to manage for you as an ambitious entrepreneur.

With SNL Kassa your employees use the automated cash register on site, a user-friendly interface that is easy to work with. Employees are offered a safe and also quick entrance to the system using biometric fingerprint identification, resulting in a professional situation to accommodate workflow.

SNL is fun to work with


SNL Online is the result of listening to our clients by publishing relevant store information on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop through a very intuitive interface

SNL Online offers 24/7 support and real time overview & control regarding the store activities on a product level. Overview of revenues and stock in your shop[s] which are directly linked to purchase.

Be informed anytime anyplace with SNL Online


Our unique logistics cloud service. SNL-X provides you with a secure environment to facilitate store locations and manage your stock accurately and efficiently. SNL-X is seamlessly integrated with SNL Kassa.

Step up your ambition with SNL-X


A customized and neatly graphically designed overview of your products clearly shown on screens of all sizes. SNL Menu, however, offers more than an easy way for customers to choose, as the SNL Menu is directly linked to the store stock. By means of the menu-editor it is possible to highlight products and boost sales.

With the online content management system, ContentDisplay CMS, you and your employees can add information, images and videos. A compelling tool to create your own setting and ambiance.

Explore the power of digital signage and narrow casting with SNL Menu


Integrating the SNL product family into your organization ensures compliancy with current government and tax authority rules. With SNL XRapport the shop audit by the tax authorities is optimized to the max. De resulting audit reports (XRapport) are in great detail. The controller can wrap up the audit in virtually no time. Your turnover is accounted for and your product stock level is transparant. Good deal!

Be on excellent terms with the tax authorities


Network and data management

Obviously every layer in your organization has to work optimally. We guarantee the quality of the products we deliver and ensure the workflow. Your network and your data are of the utmost importance and every relevant safety measure has been taken by our data experts. Our clients do and can count on our integrity.

Introduce smart IT into your organisation

Video surveillance

The safety of your employees and customers is paramount. This has been incorporated in our service package with modular CCTV-systems. For every budget from simple and low cost to advanced and high cost IP-solutions.

Customer oriented cooperation.

The SNL products are the result of listening to our clients and by demonstrating the relevant information on a smartphone and tablet through an interface, which is easy to handle.

We have acquired a thorough understanding of the market of tolerated cannabis products. With years of practical experience we comprehend the information the software should contain in order for you to know and control your enterprise. Our challenge lies in converting your demands and wishes into software-based solutions where user-friendliness, speed, safety and confidence are central.

We also offer software services with regard to the integrity of your customers, your employees and your data. Trust plays a crucial role in every important cooperation and we would like to make an appointment to get acquainted.